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90 Day Group Program for Balancing Hormones and Fixing Painful Periods, Naturally

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What If...

What if... You knew exactly how to repair your prolonged or missed periods and stop period pain right in its tracks.

What if… You knew how to identify if and when ovulation occurs in your body, even if your cycles are irregular or prolonged

What if… You understood how to repair your monthly cycle through clean nutrition that supports healthy weight management and a decrease in inflammation

...all the while being led by a top PCOS hormone specialist, Masters Prepared Registered Nurse and health coach

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Your period is an expression of your underlying health. When you are healthy, your period arrives regularly. However, when your unhealthy in some way, your cycle will tell the story


Most women with irregular menstrual cycles suffer from hormonal imbalances that cause weight gain, anxiety, depression, and low energy. This can make healing feel like a never ending climb uphill


Most menstrual coaching programs are built from cookie cutter molds and not through scientific research and proven strategies. Cyster Cyster is built off of scientific research and evidenced based-proven strategies by Masters Prepared Nurse, fellow Cyster and founder of Love Served Warm Tianna

Eventually, women give up & I don’t blame them!  

Let me explain why...


The truth is that there are many women who suffer quietly from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). A woman who has this condition does so much more than just suffer with irregular periods.

Women suffer with irregular periods, weight gain, unwanted hair growth, depression, anxiety and other health problems. Some of the imbalanced hormones in a woman with PCOS will make you feel depressed or make you feel like you has no control over your emotions.

Birth control is a predicable solution among doctors who use it as a bandaid solution. Birth control works by shutting down your ovaries and hormones and flooding your body with artificial ones. Whenever you discontinue birth control your symptoms will come back worse than before

Learning to repair your cycle and detox from traditional pills alone can make you feel frustrated and overwhelmed. 

There is a community of women that understand exactly how you feel!

Hey Girl, I'm Tianna!

As a women's top PCOS Hormone specialist, and masters prepared Registered Nurse. I have worked with over 300 women struggling to repair their cycles. Building on my own experience, I created a unique coaching program that is based on holistic and natural solutions for successful hormone balance and painful period repair.

At 6 months pregnant, I lost my first son Logan. Heartbroken and desperate for answers  I created Cyster Cyster to teach women everything they needed to know about truly creating lasting hormonal changes in their lives and decrease the risk of complications through education and lifestyle changes.

Cyster Cyster is a revolutionary period repair-coaching program that has allowed me to lose 40 pounds in just 6 months, have two successful pregnancies (after several miscarriages), and balanced my hormones all naturally.

Cyster Cyster is NOT your Average Program`

Open yourself to an entirely new way of looking at your cycle…

You will be able to stop period pain in its tracks, vastly improve your fertility, learn how to avoid PMS and ovulation pain, prevent or ease mood swings, painful cramps, and hard to lose weight gain.

Eliminate your need for hormone-altering drugs with the help of this 12-week program.

You will get absolutely EVERYTHING you need to get unforgettable results!

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How this program is different from any other program out there!

You’ll receive proven systems & structure from a top PCOS specialist, Masters Prepared Registered Nurse and fellow Cyster who has healed her own PCOS hormones and served over 300 women. 

Heal in a community of women that cares deeply for your inner fulfillment with small intimate group calls every week, as well as unlimited daily support within our private community.

​Learn how to achieve results through behavior change and habit creation. So you learn how to eat and live healthier in every aspect of your hormone health for years to come.

Cyster Cyster Provides all the Support You Need

You will receive;

  • Bi-weekly virtual teaching calls inside of a small intimate online group container of women who will become cysters (sisters)
  • You will receive access to an exclusive private community where you will be able to receive unlimited daily answers  (Monday-Friday) to your questions 
  • Monthly Happy Hour Q&A Sessions with a PCOS informed bartender
  • Vault with access to replays and recorded trainings to help you stay on track (lifetime access)

Each month, take part in an exclusive happy hour event to gather with cysters in an intimate happy hour specifically designed with PCOS and hormonal balancing in mind. 

A PCOS informed bartender will walk you through an unforgettable experience of hand crafting your own low carb, low sugar alcoholic beverages. Our goal at Cyster Cyster is to help you create a lifestyle that doesn’t require cheat days.

When life hands you lemons... you create an irresistible low carb, and low sugar margarita! 

How Cyster Cyster Works

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Cyster Cyster is a science backed, research based program for women who:

  • Are looking to learn to eat healthier in a way that supports hormonal balance. 
  • Are looking to stop painful, prolonged or missed periods in its tracks.
  • Are experiencing unresolved or undiagnosed hormone imbalances that lead to mind and body issues such as inability to lose weight, mood swings, or intense cravings

This could be you...

"“I was so confused about what to do with my hormonal imbalances. Tianna was so warm and comforting. She guided me like a friend or sister. If you are looking to go the natural way, she is definitely the way to go. She changed my life!”

Victoria , Owner of Goddess Glam

"“I was a sweet-o-holic and struggling with irregular periods. If Tianna can help me she can help anyone. I get my monthly cycle regular now and I actually know what to eat… GAME CHANGER!”

Claudie , Registered Nurse

Believe the Hype!

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Cyster Cyster

Cyster Cyster is a 90-Day, high touch group program to help you fix painful periods and balance hormones, naturally

You will receive:

  • 90 days of high-touch support 
  • Bi-Weekly intimate group calls
  • Vault with lifetime access to call replays
  • Monday-Friday unlimited support  
  • Access to a Private supportive community of Cysters
  • Monthly Happy Hour event & Question and Answer Session
  • & so much more...

Ready to finally manage your hormones naturally?

Want to work together? Click the button below to fill out an application for the program. Tianna will review your application. If you are a selected for the program you will receive an acceptance letter and your spot will be held for 48 hours.

After filling out your application, 1 of 2 things will happen: You’ll either be a perfect fit, and I will extend an invitation into my group coaching program via email... 

Or, if it's not a good fit, that’s totally okay too. There won’t be any hard feelings and NO obligations on your part — I will suggest something else you can do to achieve your goals, and point you in the right direction via email.

Let’s do this!